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Frontenac Paramedics Medication Safety Self-Assessment 2023 — patient or family volunteer application

UPDATE, 31 SEP, 2023 - We have recruited the necessary MSSA patient/family volunteers and recruitment for this exercise is now closed. Please keep an eye out of other opportunities for participate. Thank you for your interest. 

 Frontenac Paramedics is participating in a Medication Safety Self-Assessment (MSSA) in fall 2023. The project is designed by experts at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada to support evaluation of the safety of medication management processes in the pre-hospital and paramedicine environment. It's all about ensuring that Frontenac Paramedics manage and dispense medication for patients as safely as possible and according to the professional standard. 

We are seeking volunteers to represent patients and their families for two in-person working group sessions. Volunteers will work as part of a group that includes paramedics, paramedic leaders, hospital medical staff, pharmacists, and others. Participants need not have expert qualifications but should have some personal experience or insight associated with pre-hospital medication. We are especially eager to recruit volunteers who have been treated and transported by Frontenac Paramedics, or who have close relations who have. The patient and family perspective is a critically important part of the exercise. 

When: 8am to 12pm, Friday October 6; and 8am to 12pm, Wednesday October 18.
Where: Frontenac Paramedics temporary headquarters, CRCA, 1641 Perth Rd. Kingston. Click here for location map.

Eligibility requirements: 

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be available to attend both sessions 
  • Must have an interest or some insight into management and administration of pre-hospital medication
  • No formal training or experience is required 

The process of completing the MSSA is intended to identify areas of focus for quality improvement and enhancement of safe medication practices. MSSA results can be combined with learning from review of incident reports to support continuous quality improvement. MSSA findings are intended for internal use and become more useful as repeat assessments are performed to see where improvements have been achieved over time and where challenges remain. MSSA findings are also useful for de-identified analysis and learning at a system level.

Please complete the form below to apply to volunteer. 


Are you a healthcare or rescue professional?
Have you or a close relation been treated by Frontenac Paramedics within the last 10 years?
Have you or a close relation been treated by Canadian paramedics other than Frontenac Paramedics within the last 10 years?
Have you, or a close relation, experienced adverse reaction or serious side effects related to medication within the last 10 years?